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Lundby doll’s house dolls – From idea to product

Lundby dolls from Micki bring life to indoor and outdoor dollhouse play! The detailed, realistic dolls allow children to dream up their own exciting stories or retell events from their own lives. When kids play with dollhouse dolls, they simultaneously develop language, hone their fine motor skills and learn to understand their own and others’ feelings. A fun and important kind of play that’s as relevant today as it was 75 years ago.

Realistic and playful

Did you know that it’s we at Micki who design and develop products from the traditional brand Lundby? Lundby’s first dollhouse was created in 1947, and in 1997 we at Micki took on the development of new dollhouses.

Since that time, we’ve continued to create dollhouses, dollhouse furniture and other dollhouse accessories that reflect the world we live in today. But of course, it’s at least as important that we also keep playfulness and a child’s perspective in mind.

"We’ve been very careful to preserve the core of Lundby while at the same time thinking more freely and even more creatively – just like children do."

Anne Arvgrim
Design Manager at Micki

Doll play teaches children about themselves and others

We’re launching new dollhouse dolls for Lundby. The dolls are true to life and produced to a 1:18 scale, just as Lundby dolls are known for. But now, they get a slightly larger face and a clearer facial expression, which is important if kids are to really connect with the dolls.

“People feel empathy towards dolls. They give off positive, happy feelings, so can speak to children in a different way. We’ve made all the little details around children who play with our products more playful and child-centred,” says Anne.

Lundby reflects reality

With Lundby, things that children encounter every day are reflected in their play. It could be a scooter or a pram, or it could be someone with glasses or a visually impaired person.

“As part of our new concept for dolls, we’ve developed them in a slightly more playful way. We’ve looked at things from a child’s perspective: What do people surround themselves with? What does one find in one’s immediate environment? And what do people want to do?” says Petra Holm, Head of Product Development & Sourcing at Micki.

The diversity in Lundby's new range of dolls makes it easier for children to find a doll they recognise themselves in. You can buy several different dolls and create your own family, either the way it looks now or the way you’d like it to look in the future.

Play becomes a meeting place

When they play with realistic dolls, dollhouses, dollhouse furniture and other dollhouse accessories from Lundby, children find a lot of little details that they recognise. This encourages children to dream up their own stories or retell events from their own lives.

Children can really let go, play and create. The feeling of being completely engrossed in a game so that time and space disappear is probably something everyone remembers from their own childhood.

When kids plays together, they get to test different thoughts and ideas, as well as encounter differences between cultures and generations. This promotes the development of children’s language, but also improves their ability to understand how other people think and feel. A fun and important kind of play.

“Everyone should dare to be themselves and express themselves. We think it’s very important for children to be able to play with these concepts,” says Anne.

We want to give children realistic toys that encourage play and imagination. Regardless of how they live and what their family looks like, kids should be able to recognise a piece of themselves in their play with dolls and dollhouses from Lundby.

“It feels absolutely fantastic to be able to launch this concept while also sticking to a classic toy,” Petra concludes.