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Curiosity and togetherness is the main focus in new product release from Micki

In autumn 2022, Micki launches a series of classic toys that lead the child on a creative journey through the different stages of play. The toys' playful illustrations work like a storybook and inspire storytelling and curiosity.

Micki micki baby walker beige
Micki micki baby walker beige

Wooden toys are our heritage

Ever since our beginning in 1944, woodworking has always been a staple in Micki's business. It is only natural when you start your company in the heart of the deep Småland forest. Here, people have refined wood for many generations.

Wood is a renewable, natural and sustainable material. It is also flexible to work with and gives each product a unique look.

–  We want to make use of and showcase the fantastic properties of wood, says Anne Arvgrim, Design Manager at Micki.

Inspires play, interaction and new discoveries

Toys such as the sorting box, the wooden blocks and the stacking toy are today classic elements in many children's rooms. These seemingly simple toys all have different aspects that are important in the child's early development.

­­– It's about physical development such as gross motor skills, fine motor skills and coordination, but also cognitive skills such as speech, memory, logic, creativity, imagination and patience, says Anne.


Micki micki building blocks 60 pcs
Micki micki building blocks 60 pcs

We have continued to develop these types of toys for many years, to give children a fun and educational playing experience. In this new launch, we're adding illustrations to our toys, which inspire curious storytelling. Anne continues:

– If you look closely, you will discover images and stories in the toys. These attract interaction between child and parent. Being in the present together with your child is important and the products are created to create that immersive experience.

On the Premium range, the illustrations are engraved into the wood. When the child both sees and tactilely feels the illustrations, they are encouraged to use more of their senses while playing. When sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste work together, young children’s ability to learn new things while playing increases.


Micki micki train set premium
Micki micki train set premium


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The small details make the biggest difference

Toy safety is something we take very seriously, and we develop all our products with this in mind. You can trust that our toys are safe and will last for generations of play!

Kristina Aronsson, Head of Product Development & Safety Compliance at Micki, says:

– Developing toys includes a lot of responsibility. The toy cannot pose any risk to children's safety or health. It is important to keep an eye on all the details, material selection and carry out routine risk analyses. We can take our pull along toy as an example. As extra strong material, we have chosen wooden beech and designed the shapes of the wood so that no parts is too thin. We've made the wheels so big that they don't fit in the small parts cylinder if the glue should happen to loosen from the wheel axle. Even the velcro that should hold the polar bear together with the base is large enough to never become a small part. The velcro strip is also sunk into the wood to reduce the risk of it coming loose. The polar bear has reinforced seams so that no seam is at risk of coming up and causing the stuffing to come out. The length and end of the drawstring have also been adapted according to current safety regulations to avoid the risk of strangulation.

Ingenuity became the key to success early on

Great product knowledge and inventiveness have characterized Micki's product development right from the start. In the 70s, Micki developed the brake function on the learn-to-walk stroller, so that the stroller does not roll too fast when a small child takes their first few steps.

­­– The screw that is placed on the rear wheels can be turned and the wheels are placed far back to make the cart stable. The front wheels are instead pushed forward, to absorb shocks that could otherwise damage the interior and furniture. It is such seemingly small details that make a big difference, says Anne and concludes:

– Being able to design and develop products for children with a gentle hand and with a simple, honest and durable material and expression feels great. I also hope that our wooden products can inspire more curiosity in play.


A life filled with play and problem solving

The day has barely dawned. Sven is sitting in the boiler room at his home before the working day starts at Micki. He finds peace and quiet to think here, while getting the boiler going so that his wife and three children wake up in a warm home. His mornings in the boiler room are moments when he can let his thoughts wander. He has solved numerous problems here on the chopping block. Right now, it's the baby walker that Sven is thinking about. The cart rolls so easily that the child can't keep up. Sven needs to figure out a way to slow it down. Maybe, if it was possible to...

The brains behind the baby walker's brakes