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Doll house lighting

Doll house lighting
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Doll house lighting

The warm glow of lighting is the finishing touch on a beautiful doll house! Create a cozy, homely feel in your doll house with ceiling lamps, floor lamps, and more in our wide range of Lundby doll’s house lighting. Did you know that Lundby was the first company in the world to offer electric lighting for doll houses? Nowadays, their doll house lamps are battery-powered LED lights. That means that you can have as many lamps as you want in your doll house and that you can move the house around however you wish.

Use the doll house lighting both outdoors and indoors

Why not bring it outside and play in the fresh air on a hot summer’s day? Because the lamps are attached to the doll house’s roof with Velcro, they’re easy to move. They turn on with a simple click and turn off automatically after 15 minutes. Perfect for the little doll house family who falls asleep without turning off the light! A Lundby doll house is a classic toy full of fantastic possibilities. In Lundby's world, children decide everything for themselves, so the only limit is their imagination. Take a look at our entire range of doll houses, doll house furniture, staircases, and other doll’s house accessories.

Flexible doll house lighting from Lundby

When you buy a doll house from Lundby, you can start small with just a room, a furniture set and a few dolls and then let the doll house grow as the child's play with the doll house develops. In order for the house to light up at night, the child can choose between a wide line of doll house lighting. Here you will find ceiling lamps, floor lamps, spotlights and much more. Doll house lighting that can be flexibly set up and taken down, let your imagination decide!

Doll house lighting that creates an imaginative play

Doll house lighting from Lundby has everything one could possibly need to create their own, illuminated world! As a child, being able to decorate and create your own doll house, just the way you want it, is a very fun and developing game. Light up every single room with Lundby's lovely doll house lighting. Here the child can play and fantasize exactly as they want. Doll house lighting in the kitchen, bathroom and living room - in the evening the house shines in wonderful doll house lighting! The doll house and the small doll house rooms can be used together or separately to create a doll house that looks exactly as the child wants it. Big or small? High or low? The child decides for themselves, in Lundby's playful doll house world!

Doll house & doll house lighting for all ages

Doll house play with Lundby is fun for small and large. Play together! Build your own doll house and decorate as you like with all the detailed doll house accessories, doll house furniture, doll house lighting and doll house dolls from Lundby.

Nice doll house lighting for the whole doll house

The doll houses beautiful wallpaper from Sandberg Wallpaper and doors painted in different playful colors get new life with our doll house lighting. The child lights up his doll's house and brings out details that are not so visible in the dark. The doll house lighting creates a dynamic that encourages creativity and logical thinking. The child then decorates the doll house with the detailed doll house furniture, stairs, doll house lamps and all the other playful doll house accessories available for Lundby.

Doll house & doll house lighting in Swedish design

Lundby doll house is a classic toy full of fantastic possibilities. In Lundby's world, the child decides for themselves and it is only the imagination that sets the limits. We want our doll houses to reflect our time; all the way from the house foundation to the curtain coat in the kitchen, and therefore we keep a close eye on trends in design, design and fashion. At the same time, we make sure that playfulness and the child's perspective are always present. The doll house lighting is a step in that direction. It inspires us to make even finer toys. Join us in an inspiring world of doll houses and doll house lighting!

Innovation in doll house lighting

Lundby was innovative in doll house lighting and started early to use battery-powered LED lamps instead of contact. It creates a freer feeling in the play, and doll house lighting becomes more flexible. Move around your doll house lights just the way you want and create a cozy doll house lighting in your dream house! Lundby's first doll house came in 1947 and in 1997 we at Micki took over the development of doll houses. We have since continued to create doll houses and doll house lighting that reflect today's society. This is the core of Lundby doll house: the love of modern design and how it gets new life and new shape through a child's eyes when he creates his very own, new world. Welcome to Lundby's magical world of doll houses and doll house lighting!