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Playful fun for generations of little explorers

For 80 years, Micki has spread joy with our toys. Every toy we create, we develop with great love and care for all the little children who will play with them.

Over time, our classic toys become beloved family members. Toys that accompany children and grandchildren - New generations of little explorers in our big, little world.



Carefully developed in Gemla, Småland

With carefully designed, playful details, we want to inspire the child's curiosity. Because when children play, they are constantly learning new things.

We develop toys for our own, popular brands Micki, Lundby, Skrållan and Rubens Barn, but also beloved characters such as Pippi Longstocking.

We design and develop all our toys in Gemla, in the heart of Småland. Some of our toys are also manufactured here, in our own toy factory.

Toys that last for generations - What are they, really?

These are toys that all children, regardless of the era they grew up in, can recognize from their own upbringing. But they are also substantial toys that can withstand being inherited.

When children are happy, their play often becomes rowdy and wild. Then you need toys that can really withstand being played with. When a child has finished playing, the toy must also withstand being inherited. We want siblings, cousins, grandchildren, second cousins and even strangers to be able to continue playing with the same toy for many years to come.

"When we create toys, we always start by looking after the child's needs. The child's needs are the basis for why the toy should be there from the very beginning. We develop each toy with great care and thought, about the child and the future. It is needed to create a fun, evolving product that will last for many, many years.”

Anne Arvgrim, Design Manager