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Baby toys

Baby toys
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  • Are the baby toys painted with non-toxic colour?
    Yes, all our baby toys are painted with non-toxic colour that meets all the requirements of the toy standard EN71 and chemical regulations REACH and SVHC.
  • How do I use the break function on my baby walker?
    Micki’s baby walker are baby toys with lots of smart features. This baby toy has breakable wheels with a screw that can be loosened or tightened. The baby toy can thus stand completely still so the baby can play with in peace and quiet.
  • Can I adjust the handle on my baby walker?
    A good baby toy is adapted after the child’s needs. Micki’s baby walker has an adjustable handle, so when the child learns to walk, the handle can be adjusted so that the baby walker can become a fun toy for many years to come.
  • Is the bottom of the sorting box hard and noisy?
    Micki’s sorting box is a baby toy with many smart functions. The bottom of the baby toy is made of soft fabric so that when the shapes fall onto it they land without making any noise.
  • Do you only have wooden baby toys?
    No! We have a wide range of soft dolls from Rubens Barn that are baby toys with lots of features. The Rubens Baby concept are baby toys adapted for expressions and feelings that the baby may feel and can be used for fun and educational play.
  • How long is the delivery time for baby toys?
    Our baby toys and all toys from Micki are delivered to your chosen post office in 3-6 business days or to your doorstep in 2-4 business days.

Great baby toys for the tiniest member of the family

Great toys for little ones! For us at Micki, it’s important that baby toys encourage babies' development in a playful way. Play that develops babies’ motor skills and is safe is a very important part of a baby's early life. That’s why we’ve developed a diverse range of baby toys, all specially designed and approved for babies and small children of up to 3 years old. For children of around a year of age, some really smart toys are a pounding bench, a sorting box, or building blocks in FSC-labelled wood.


Find the right newborn toys

The right baby toys encourage children to learn to turn around, sit, crawl, get up, and finally take their first, staggering steps. When that happens, fun toys are learn-to-walk strollers and cute pull-along toys that your child can pull behind them. These baby toys help your child explore their surroundings and make a fun friend on the adventure! Our baby toys are safe, awaken your child’s desire to discover, and are of high quality. We have baby toys in a wide range of materials and beautiful colors. The baby toys in our large selection are extra durable and help children develop their creativity and curiosity.


Great variety of baby toys from Micki

Baby toys from Micki include classic wooden toys and playful building blocks. We also have exciting pounding benches, educational sorting boxes, fun stacking toys, and many other baby toys from well-known brands. Find your child's favorite toy here with us at Micki, and look forward to many fun and playful moments together.


Educational play with baby toys

At Micki, it is both fun and challenging to make sure that the child most of all has fun while playing with our baby toys. We also make sure that our newborn toys educate and develop the child from an early age. When the child takes their first steps while playing, it is important that our baby toys guide the child and help them find the right path in their mental and physical development. Toddler toys such as the pounding bench, the sorting box and the baby walker challenge the child's fine motor skills and logical thinking and serve as great tools to guide the child into the brand, new world. Baby toys don’t need to be simple and can lead to fantastic playfulness as well as help the child's development.


Safety comes first for our newborn toys

Our baby toys are safe, encourage their sense of discovery and hold a high quality. Here, you’ll find lots of baby toys in different materials and wonderful colors. For both the child and parents to feel safe while playing is very important so that the baby toys can be enjoyed for many generations of play. A safe newborn toy means a safe environment, wherever the child may be. Baby toys that you can trust can exist for generations of playful children!


Wooden baby toys in Swedish design

We offer a wide assortment of baby toys for the smallest member of the family, that is very durable and gives the child a chance to develop their creativity and curiosity. Among our newborn toys, you can find classic wooden toys and playful building blocks from our very own Micki brand. Not only that, but you’ll also find fascinating pounding benches, challenging sorting boxes, playful stacking rings and many other baby toys from familiar brands. Find your toddler’s favorite baby toy here that’ll offer countless playful moments to look forward to together.

Micki has been developing wooden baby toys for over 75 years. The child’s desire to play, fantasize and explore has always been our primary focus. With this in mind, we’ve developed a wide range of classic baby toys for little toddlers. Micki develops newborn toys so that curious toddlers can safely approach play with their hands, mouth and whole body to feel and explore our baby toys. At the same time, their motoric and logical thinking develop greatly. By adding different textiles to some of our wooden baby toys, we challenge the children’s minds and encourage them to explore the world in their own way. The baby toys hold a very high quality and encourage many hours of playful fun. Welcome to Micki’s playful world of classic baby toys!