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Doll houses

Doll houses
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Lundby lundby doll house 4 rooms
Lundby lundby doll house 4 rooms
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Doll houses from Lundby

Create the doll house of your dreams with Lundby! As a child, being able to create and decorate your own doll house just the way you want it is a fun and educational game. With Lundby, children have full control and can set things up exactly as they want to. Maybe they’ll build a doll house that’s similar to their own. Or perhaps they’ll dream up something entirely different. With a doll house from Lundby, children have everything they need to create the world of their dreams! They can use a doll house and small doll house rooms either together or separately to create a finished doll house that looks exactly as they want it to. When you buy a doll house from Lundby, you can start small with just one room, a single set of furniture and a few dolls, and then let it grow as your child plays with the doll house more and more.

All Lundby doll houses focuses on imaginative play

All Lundby doll houses have beautiful wallpaper from Sandberg Wallpaper and doors painted in a range of fun colors. Children can lift out the back walls of the doll house and fold them back on themselves to give the house a nice rear wall. They can also remove the back walls entirely in order to play inside the doll house from two directions. They can also lift the interior out entirely and play outdoors or in the middle of the room! A doll house made for imaginative play.

Lots of doll house accessories

Lundby offers a wide range of doll house furniture, lamps, and all other playful doll house accessories to decorate the doll house with. When it’s decorated and ready, the dolls can move in and live happily in the doll house! Who lives there? And what do they enjoy doing? Doll house dolls from Lundby are built on the same 1:18 scale as the rest of Lundby's doll houses and doll house furniture and have movable joints, so they can sit down and rest in all the furniture. A Lundby doll house is a classic toy full of fantastic possibilities. In Lundby's world, children decide everything for themselves, so the only limit is their imagination.

Doll houses that reflect the world we live in

We want our doll houses to reflect the world we live in, in everything from the construction of the house itself to the curtains in the kitchen. That’s why we keep a close eye on trends in interior design and fashion, while also keeping playfulness and a kid’s perspective in mind. It inspires us to make even better toys. Join us in this inspiring doll house world! Lundby launched its first doll house in 1947, and about 25 years ago, in 1997, we at Micki took over the development of the doll houses. Since that time, we’ve continued creating doll houses and doll house furniture that reflects today's society. This is the core of a Lundby doll house - a love of contemporary design and how it gets a new life and shape through the eyes of a child when he or she creates his or her own, new world. Welcome to the magical world of Lundby doll houses!

Doll houses and doll house accessories in Swedish design

Doll houses from Lundby are classic toys full of fantastic possibilities. In the world of Lundby, the child is in charge of the play and their imagination is the only limit. We want our doll houses to reflect our society; all the way from the beginning of construction to the comfortable couch in the living room – that’s why we keep a good eye on trends within design, shapes and fashion. Simultaneously, we make sure that playfulness and a child’s perspective is always present. It inspires us to create even better toys. Come play with us in the magical world of Lundby doll houses!