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Our own production in Gemla

We produce part of our range in our factory in Gemla, Sweden. This is where we design and manufacture some of our most popular wooden toys such as games and wooden trains, but also toys for preschools and other shared spaces. In addition to wooden toys, we also work with stands for shops and contract manufacturing of wooden details for doors and windows.

We have a long history of making wooden products sold all over the world

Our wood manufacturing dates all the way back to the middle of the 1800s.  Today our wooden products are all over the world.  Sweden, Japan, Poland, Holland and Germany are some of the countries where our hand-made, high-quality wooden toys are sold.  Micki made all IKEA's wooden trains for ten years.  Our collaboration with IKEA is completed, but we still manufacture Micki's own wooden trains and train tracks here - just like we always have.

Collaboration with daily operations in Växjö, Sweden

Micki has worked closely with Växjö in Sweden since the 80s. Around ten people with disabilities have been part of Micki since then. Every day, the minibus arrives with participants who, with assistants, perform different types of tasks, including jobs in our factory.

– A constant learning process and the opportunity to try new tasks together with a supervisor strengthens self-confidence. This is where they learn about life, says Peter Jacobsson, an assistant from Växjö.

Do you need wooden details or do you have any questions?

We're happy to help with any questions about all kinds of wooden details. 

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