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Baby dolls

Baby dolls
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Baby dolls & baby doll toys

Baby dolls encourage safe play that’s full of imagination and mischief. We have dolls for children of all ages, from small baby dolls and soft dolls to talking dolls and fashion dolls. Imaginative role play is always close at hand with a baby doll toy. In your child's imagination, a baby doll can be their little sibling or even their very own little baby! A baby doll is often the first doll a child plays with. Our Alice and Olle baby dolls have soft, huggable bodies, and close their eyes when you put them down. Baby dolls love to be hugged and spoiled. We have lots of doll accessories for baby dolls, such as pacifiers, baby bottles, potties, and nappies. And with doll prams, tents, bicycle seats, and other doll accessories, the fun never stops. Your child can take their baby doll on an adventure in their doll pram, or tuck them in for a good night’s sleep with a doll bed. With accessories, your child’s doll can look forward to all the next adventures!

Baby doll toys in different shapes and looks

Micki has baby dolls for children of all ages, from small baby dolls and cloth dolls, to talking dolls and fashion dolls. Imaginative role play is always close at hand with a baby doll! Baby dolls encourage the child to play carefully, full of imagination and mischief. Is the doll a child, a sibling or a best friend? With a child's imagination, the baby doll can be almost anything and the baby doll happily comes along on all adventures! A baby doll toy encourages the child to play actively and becomes a fun friend to take on adventures.

Find the right baby doll for your child

The right baby doll encourages the child to learn expression and helps the child in its first staggering steps. Then it's fun with a cute baby doll that the child can take with them on their early adventures. The baby doll helps the child to express themselves in their surroundings and becomes a fun friend on the adventure! Different shapes and colors provide endless play opportunities and ensure that everyday play becomes a necessary experience for the child. Having fun in your play is number one in a really good baby doll, and it is something that we at Micki never forget when we bring out our play dolls!

Baby dolls from Micki encourage developing play

For Micki, it is both fun and challenging to make sure that the child above all has fun in their play with baby doll toys. We also try to ensure that our baby dolls learn and develop the child at an early age. When the child takes his first steps in play, it is required that the baby doll leads and helps the child find the right in his mental and physical development. The baby doll toy is someone to take care of, at the same time as he takes care of the child. The baby doll develops and ensures that the child has friendly company. Toy dolls are kind little friends who encourage the child's creativity, care and playfulness. It will be a good friend to take on adventures with!

Doll clothes for your baby doll

For the baby dolls, there are lots of fun doll clothes. Dressing new clothes on the baby doll is always just as fun. What kind of clothes should the baby doll wear today? Maybe the baby doll is going to a party and needs a nice dress and tough little shoes. When it rains, the baby doll must of course wear boots, a rain jacket and a hat so that the doll does not get wet! Dressing the baby doll in the little doll clothes becomes a fun game where the little child practices his fine motor skills. The doll clothes also encourage rewarding conversation with the child. What doll clothes does the baby doll need to wear today, so it does not freeze? Of course, we also have doll carriages, play tents, bicycle seats and other doll accessories in our range. The doll accessories make the play with the play dolls grow. Now the baby doll can follow all the adventures that await!

Welcome to the world of baby doll accessories

Here at mickiofsweden.com, you will find nice and doll clothes and other accessories that are suitable for baby dolls in different sizes. Regardless of whether you buy doll clothes for a baby doll, talking doll or fabric doll, our nice doll clothes make playing with the child's very best friend so much more fun. We have suitable doll clothes for toy dolls from well-known brands. Welcome to a world of doll clothes and all kinds of doll play!