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Doll house furniture & doll house accessories

Doll house furniture & doll house accessories
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Doll house furniture & doll house accessories

We have a wide range of detailed, playful doll house furniture to choose from. It’s the little details that bring doll houses to life. The books on the bookshelf, the pots in the kitchen cupboards, the rubber duck in the bathtub, the logs in the log burner, and the computer on the desk all give a doll house that little extra something that brings out children’s playfulness and imagination. With our doll house furniture and accessories, children can create the house of their dreams.

A wide assortment of doll house furniture

Here at mickiofsweden.com, you’ll find an extensive range of furniture and accessories for Lundby doll houses. When the house is decorated and ready, the little doll house dolls can move in and live happily! Who lives in your house? And what do they enjoy doing? In the kitchen, it always smells good. Look! The oven light is on. What is the family baking now? Maybe it's a birthday cake! The doll house kitchen has a counter with a sink, a kitchen island, an oven, and a lovely kitchen table that the whole family can fit around. The bathroom has a beautiful sink, toilet, shower, and bath. There, the doll house dolls can relax with a hot bath or a nice shower. Don’t forget the details such as a little rubber duck, towel, and bottle of shampoo.

Doll house furniture for every occasion

A doll house living room is always full of life. Someone takes a book off the bookshelf and sits down in the armchair to read. Someone else has fallen asleep on the sofa. A third person is sitting on the floor playing with the family's kittens. Of course, doll houses also have bedrooms, so the family can rest up after a long day of play and mischief. In the beds, which have removable duvets and pillows, the dolls can get a great night’s sleep. With Lundby's beautiful doll houses, children can create their very own world, full of fun doll house accessories and hours of play.

Doll house accessories for all ages

Doll house play with Lundby is fun for all ages. Play together! Build your very own doll house and furnish it with lots of different doll house furniture. Everything from doll house accessories, doll house furniture, doll house lighting and doll house dolls from Lundby.

Doll house furniture for every room

The Lundby doll house has beautiful wallpapers from Sandberg Wallpaper and doors painted in many playful colors. The child can remove the back walls and play outside and get the absolute most out of the doll house experience. They can lift the doll house from the wall and play both outside or anywhere in their room! The child can then furnish their doll house with detailed doll house furniture, stairs lights and all the other amazing doll house accessories from Lundby.

Doll house accessories in Swedish design

Lundby doll houses are classic toys full of incredible possibilities. In the world of Lundby, the child is in charge of the play and their imagination is the only limit. Lundby’s first doll house arrived in 1947 and in 1997, Micki took over the production of the doll houses. We have since then continued to create doll houses, doll house furniture and other doll house accessories that reflect how we live today. It inspires us to make even better toys. We love the modern design and how it gets new life and new shapes in the eyes of a child when they create their own, new world.

Welcome to Lundby’s dream world of doll house furniture

With Lundby’s amazing doll house furniture, the child can create their very own play world with lots of fun doll house furniture and doll house accessories that offer many hours of joyful play. Let your child explore their own world, full of fantastic doll house furniture and doll houses! Welcome, to Lundby’s magical world of doll house furniture!