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Toy cars

Toy cars
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Outlet siku mobile excavator 1:50
Outlet siku mobile excavator 1:50


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Siku siku bmw i18


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Siku ambulance


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Toy cars made for hours of play

Toy cars in a wide variety are made to follow along on adventures. Vroom vroom, here comes the car, the truck, the police car and the firetruck at full speed! Toy cars and model cars fascinate children and it’s not unusual that ”car” is one of their first-ever words. Here you’ll find tons of realistic toy cars of many popular models!

Durable play with SIKU model cars

SIKU develops durable toy cars and model cars with sturdy material of metal and impact-resistant plastic. Toy cars from SIKU are tiny, to-scale model cars of real vehicles and here you can buy a wide range of toy cars. Every child likes to play with a toy car that resembles the same tractor as grandpa has. Maybe a similar car that mom and dad drives? SIKU also produces radio-controlled toy cars such as tractors, trucks and other playful model cars.

Play with toy cars is hard to beat

Toy cars and model cars have always been a safe bet to inspire children to engage in active play. Toy cars in all their many shapes and sizes help create a recognizable type of play that is realistic, fun and playful. There are very few children who don’t like to play with toy cars, and you often find big collections in their rooms or at kindergarten. Toy cars become a big part of the early play that simultaneously helps them have lots of fun while playing and develop their motoric and dexterity skills.

SIKU:s toy cars – fun for all ages

The best part about toy cars and model cars is that it never gets old. A little toddler can have just as much fun with toy cars from SIKU as their older sibling, or even their parents. Toy cars are great collectibles to show off in a bookshelf or for a child to drive laps around the house using their wildest imagination. It becomes a constant in their growth, which there is a simple reason for; children love to create stories and play with things they recognize from their own experiences.

Toy cars for the smallest member of the family – say hi to Toddys

Honk-honk! Toddys is SIKU:s concept with buildable, playful toy cars for the smallest member of the family. In line with the child’s growth, they discover more and more fun features! With a toy car from Toddys, you give the child many hours of joyful play to look forward to. With a simple turn and a click, the toy car is disassembled and can be rebuilt using other parts of Toddy’s toy cars. It is fun to create your own, whacky toy cars and the buildable aspect helps to develop the child’s motoric and logical thinking.

Model cars from SIKU that encourage imagination

Need a place to park in a garage? Maybe outside the police station? Or why not show off your racing car outside your doll house? There are countless possibilities with toy cars and the child’s playful imagination is made for mischief with toy cars from SIKU. SIKU also offers loads of joyful play by creating a wide variety of model cars and toy cars adapted after a young mind's imagination. The most fun play comes when the child gets to choose how they play and when they play and toy cars fit perfectly into that. Here you’ll find toy cars for children who dream of becoming a racecar driver, a farmer, a fireman or maybe to drive around in a similar car that they use for their family?

To-scale toy cars of real vehicles

Model cars from SIKU resemble to-scale models of real cars, trucks and other types of vehicles from the most popular brands. This is the home of toy cars, tractors, trucks, boats, planes, busses, bikes and trains that every child dreams of using! Just like in real life – but made for tiny little hands. Toy cars in a durable material that allow for hours, years and even generations of fantastic play and fun. Welcome to SIKU – a world of wonderful toy cars and model cars!