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Swedish Design Wood Magnetic FSC CE UKCA
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Creative and flexible play world with a range of different themes where children can build their own city. Developed in collaboration with educators and children to create a fun-filled, learning play environment.

Swedish Design Wood Magnetic FSC CE UKCA

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A whole city to discover! Flexible and creative play and learning world with buildable walls, play board, magnetic front walls, playful magnets, figures and roads where the child is given the right tools to get started easily with developing play, regardless of their age. A combination of different themes and play where preschool children can develop their imagination and logical thinking and build and mix a play environment based on their own stories. The simple shapes and abstract figures create the conditions to easily build your own fantasy world - small or large.

Let play develop at the same pace as children's development - maybe it will start with a farm and eventually grow into a whole city? The playworld includes several different themes, 11 walls (4 of them magnetic), 20 magnets, 5 chalk magnets, 5 figures (3 large/adults, 2 small/child), 5 animals, 9 felt/road parts, 1 Tree, 4 fences, 2 vehicle, 2 carriages.The product is part of a series of playworlds and the play is adapted to the curriculum. The toy's material makes it possible for preschool children of different ages to learn and develop through play. With the digital idea bank, you can address several different subject areas within the curriculum. Includes various activities that provide tips and ideas on how to use the products to learn about different topics.

The following subject areas are addressed in the set: social studies, mathematics, language, motor skills and movement, science.

Exercises for preschool:

Micki - High-quality, classic wooden toys designed in Sweden that have promoted the joy of play and the desire to discover since 1944.6

Article no.: 10221400
• Play age: 2+
• Material: Felt, Wood
• Size: 190X240X240 mm
• Number of parts: 65
• Washing instructions: Surface wash only

Classic wooden toys with Swedish design! Micki offers a wide range of popular toys that are a must in every child’s room, including baby walkers, sorting boxes with tricky wooden blocks in different shapes, and pounding benches that encourage hours of hammering. Micki’s collection of toys is vast, meaning that you’ll find everything from beautiful baby toys for the very youngest children to play kitchens in which little master chefs can clatter about and whip up a feast with fun pretend food. Micki develops toys for curious children who’ll be tempted to use their hands, mouth, and whole body during play to develop their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and logical thinking. Toys from Micki encourage young kids to discover the world in their own way! They’re high quality toys that provide endless hours of fun to the whole family! The toys are designed and developed in Sweden by Micki.