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Rubens Barn

Rubens Barn
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Welcome to Rubens Barn's happy and friendly world!


The dolls from Rubens Barn are soft, cuddly companions for children of all ages to bring along on life's adventures. The soft dolls from Rubens Barn bring joy to children and become friendly friends to hold hands with.


Micki babylek bultbräda

There is a Rubens Barn doll for everyone

The dolls from Rubens Barn are handmade from soft fabric and love to cuddle. Their embroidered eyes and warm, playful smiles invite lots of play. Our handmade dolls from Rubens Barn come in many different sizes, styles, and skin tones. Perhaps your child wants to cuddle with Tummies, explore nature with EcoBuds, or come up with a fun activity with Cuties? Here, you'll find your child's new favorite doll!


Psst! Did you know that Rubens Barn is developed by Micki? Micki designs and develops all dolls from Rubens Barn in Gemla; the heart of the Småland forests. Here, there is a long tradition of toy manufacturing that lives on in the dolls from Rubens Barn.


Meet Rubens Barn's Dolls!



Rubens EcoBuds

Rubens EcoBuds and EcoBuds Mini are soft, handmade dolls made of organic cotton. EcoBuds love to hold hands and explore nature. They are nature-loving friends waiting for a companion to join them on their journey. A perfect doll for the littlest ones!

Read more about Rubens EcoBuds


Rubens Tummies

Rubens Tummies are soft, handmade dolls with a wheat pillow that can be heated and cooled. Tummies dolls from Rubens Barn are perfect for cozy nap times, warm summer days, fever, and pain. Warm up the wheat pillow in the microwave or cool it in the freezer – adapt to the child's needs!


Rubens Cutie

Rubens Cuties are small, soft dolls with many fun outfits to purchase. The dolls are easy to bring on adventures and invite many hours of role-playing. A perfect first doll for the little child who wants a companion to dress up, undress, and bring along on playful adventures.



Rubens Kids

Rubens Kids from Rubens Barn comes in ten different characters to celebrate and symbolize that we are all unique. It's a soft doll for all ages. Which Kids doll will become your child's new best friend?

Dolls for preschools and care settings

Did you know that we develop some of our dolls from Rubens Barn specifically for preschools and care settings? Meet Rubens Baby and Rubens Original!



Rubens Baby

Rubens Baby are anatomically correct dolls developed by experts specifically for preschools and care settings. The dolls and accessories help children learn about their bodies, emotions, and the world through play. As they learn these qualities, children take care of Baby, attend to Baby's needs, and understand how Baby is feeling - all while getting closer to their new best friend.


Read more about Rubens Baby


Toys that inspire

Check out our playlist on YouTube for a series of inspiring video clips.

Learn more about the concept, watch "how-to" videos, and get to know the people behind Rubens Baby!




Rubens Original

Rubens Original are our large, heavyweight cuddle experts developed for care settings. The dolls are perfect for doll therapy due to their big, warm, and caring hugs for individuals of all ages. A favorite in elderly care! The doll's body is soft, large, and heavy, making it perfect for interaction.

Handmade, soft dolls

Unique characters, a best friend for every child

Gentle dolls to care for and be friends with