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Building blocks

Building blocks
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Wooden toys micki building blocks 60 pcs
Wooden toys micki building blocks 60 pcs
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Building blocks & wooden blocks

Building blocks that are durable and fun for the smallest member of the family! At Micki, it is very important that our building blocks challenge the child’s development in a playful way. Pedagogical play, motor skills and safety are very important parts of a child’s early development. That’s why we’ve developed a wide assortment of varied wooden blocks – all approved and well adjusted for babies and small children up to 3 years. Building blocks with playful shapes, numbers and colors for familiar brands are sure to be found on mickiofsweden.com.

Find the right wooden blocks for your child

The right building blocks encourage the child to learn how to count, explore their imagination and express their creativity. It is then extra fun to play with building blocks from familiar children’s brands, such as wooden blocks from Micki with cute animal drawings and colorful building blocks. Wooden blocks help the child explore their surroundings and become a run tool in the child’s development adventure! Different colors and shapes give endless play possibilities and make sure that ordinary, daily play becomes a necessity for the child. To be able to have fun while playing is number 1 in a great wooden toy, and is something we at Micki never forgets while developing our building blocks!

Developing play with Micki’s wooden toys

At Micki, it is both fun and challenging to make sure that the child most importantly has fun while playing with our building blocks. We also try to make sure that our building blocks teach and develop the child at an early age. When the child starts to think creatively and logically within their play, it is important that their wooden blocks lead and help the child find the right way in their mental and physical training. Pedagogical wooden toys such as the building blocks, pounding bench and baby walker challenge the child’s motor skills and logical thinking, as well as serving as great tools when the child starts exploring the world. Building blocks don’t need to be simple, but can help challenge and teach the child as well as offering loads of playful fun along the way!

Saftey comes first for our building blocks

Our building blocks are safe, tempt exploration and hold a very high quality. Here, you’ll find wooden toys in different colors and shapes. That the child and parents feel safe while playing with our building blocks is important to ensure that the toy will last for generations of play. A safe building block means a safe play environment, wherever the child may be. Wooden blocks that you can trust lasts for generations of playful children!

A large assortment of first-class building blocks

We have a wide assortment of building blocks for the smallest member of the family that are extra durable and gives the child a chance to develop their creativity and curiosity. Among our many wooden toys, you’ll find classics such as the playful building blocks from Micki. Find the child’s favorite wooden blocks, that’ll offer countless hours of amazing play to look forward to together.

Building blocks in Swedish design

Classic building blocks in Swedish design! From Micki, you’ll find popular toys that are sure to find a place within the child’s room; The baby walker, sorting box with clever building blocks in different shapes, and the pounding bench that offers many hours of punding. The assortment of toys from Micki is wide and you are sure to find the building blocks that fit your toddler.