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Doll beds

Doll beds
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Doll beds and doll accessories

Doll beds, doll prams, bicycle seats, play tents and other doll accessories for dolls make the play with the dolls grow. Let the doll get a good night's sleep in her cozy doll bed. Let the child care for the doll and learn about the importance of sleep with a nice doll bed. A doll bed is a natural way to end the daily adventure in a playful way. The talking doll quickly becomes a good friend to the child and her doll bed is the resting place of choice. Doll beds are made to charge the batteries after a little toddler's exciting adventures. Place the doll bed in a good area of the room and let the child’s dreams control the play!

Doll accessories to the child’s new best friend

The talking doll often becomes a child’s first playmate. Sometimes, it serves as a great introduction to siblinghood. Someone to care for and lean on in their early days of childhood. Thankfully, we have doll beds and other doll accessories so that the child can properly spoil their best friend! Put the doll to bed in a cozy doll bed, dress her up in cute doll clothes and other doll accessories, and bring her out on adventures in a nice doll pram. The child can recognize the feeling of getting tucked in their own bed, and the aim of our doll beds is to offer that same feeling back to the child. Not only will the child be able to relate, but our doll bed and other doll accessories also train the child’s motoric and empathy.

Victoria’s favorite doll bed

In our doll bed, Victoria can sleep soundly during the night. Here, she can sleep so well, that she’ll soon be ready for more play with the child! The doll bed is made of wood and linen in different colors and cute details. With Victorias bed set, you can make it extra comfortable for the child’s favorite doll. There are many playful doll accessories for the talking doll to choose from.

Doll beds in classic design

Sleep is an underrated necessity. With our doll beds, the child can get early training in how important it is to get a good night's sleep. They get to care for a friend, where they can relate, learn and develop their empathy. Something so simple as a doll bed can lead to the child feeling ready to go to bed on their own and maybe even start planning a sleep schedule. To be able to care for something else at an early age can lead to a greater understanding of different needs and eventually prepare them for siblinghood. The doll bed becomes the place where dreams and their imagination blossoms within the child. Fun, teaching doll play with beautiful, classic doll beds.

Nice doll accessories

The doll will of course want to have a bicycle seat so that she can come along on the bike trip! The bike seat can be fastened both at the back and the front of the child’s bike. Feel free to match with the doll’s cute bike helmet so that they are fully prepared for the coming adventure. When you get back home, take the doll to your cozy play tent and put her to sleep in her doll bed – it’s time for a good night’s sleep. Because of course, the doll needs a doll bed where they can sleep well during the night. Dolls also need to rest every once in a while! With the cozy bed set well placed in the doll bed, the child can make it extra cozy for their favorite doll.

A talking doll loved by generations and her wonderful doll accessories

A talking doll loved by generations! Imaginative doll play is always close by with Victoria and her doll friends. The talking doll’s playfulness and speaking ability make them beloved playmates, that happily follow along on all adventures, and sleep well in their doll bed. Together with the dolls, the child can host fun parties, become a hero in an exciting fairy tale, go on a treasure hunt in their garden and much, much more. Anything can happen, as long as Victoria comes along! To the dolls, you’ll find lots of doll beds, doll prams, doll clothes and many other doll accessories. With them, the doll and the child are ready for any and all adventures that await them!

Welcome to Lundby’s world of doll beds & doll accessories

At mickiofsweden.com you can find well-crafted doll beds and other doll accessories that fit dolls of different sizes. Whether you buy doll beds for a fashion doll, a talking doll, or a soft doll, our wonderful doll accessories make the play with the child’s best friend so much more fun. We have fitting doll accessories to dolls from many familiar brands.