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Pippi pippi fabric doll pippi 40 cm
Pippi pippi fabric doll pippi 40 cm

Skrållan babydoll eats & wets sara
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Dolls & Talking dolls

Dolls for every child! Micki has dolls for children of all ages – from small baby dolls and soft dolls, to talking dolls and fashion dolls. Roleplay full of imagination is always close by with a cute doll! Dolls encourage emphatic play for the child, full of imagination and mischief. Is the doll your child’s baby, sibling, or best friend? With your child's imagination, a doll can be almost anyone, and they’ll happily accompany your child on all their adventures!

Soft dolls

The soft doll is a classic toy that has been in children’s rooms for generations. Dolls in soft fabric are easy to cuddle and hug and fit both smaller and bigger children. They become a great friend for the child and can follow along on all of their fun adventures! At mickiofsweden.com, you’ll find both the popular Pippi dolls and the amazing soft dolls from Designafriend. Cuddle up with soft dolls from Micki!

Cute dolls from Rubens Barn

Dolls from Rubens Barn are made of soft fabric for a more emotional and realistic look. The eyes are carefully embroidered to give life to the dolls in combination with their warm, mischievous smiles. Handmade dolls from Rubens Barn are available in many different sizes, styles and skin colors. You might like the warm cuddle with Emil, exploring hand in hand with Hazel or practicing taking care of Nora. Have fun looking for your new friend! Rubens Barn was founded in 1998 by two mothers who shared a strong belief that children should be children for as long as needed. They wanted to create a comforting friend who would keep playing an entire childhood. A handmade doll buddy with a soft, cuddly shape, friendly body proportions and a warm and mischievous expression. Each handmade doll would then give the children the opportunity to practice creativity, consideration and empathy through role-play.

Dolls and lots of accessories

What will the doll wear today? Maybe the doll is going to a party and is in need of a nice dress and a pair of comfortable shoes? When it rains the doll needs to have a pair of boots, a raincoat and a hat so that the doll doesn’t get wet! To all our dolls, there are lots of trendy doll clothes and accessories to choose from. Doll strollers, play tents, bike seats and other accessories allow the play with the doll to grow. Now, the doll can follow along on all adventures that await!

Pippi dolls

Soft dolls from Pippi's whacky world! Pippi Longstocking is every child’s best friend – she stands up for the weak and is always on the move! Our popular Pippi dolls are huggable friends, very nice toys with detailed expressions and removable clothes. The dolls come in three different sizes and don’t ever say no to a trip or fun, playful adventures!

Creative play with dolls from the world of Astrid Lindgren

With our cute soft toys, the child can play, become a treasure hunter or make up whacky adventures together with Pippi. Here you’ll find a full assortment of Pippi toys such as Pippi dolls, Pippi’s house, Pippi clothes, puzzles and children’s bags. What’s happening with Pippi today? In Villa Villekulla, something exciting is always underway! With our Pippi toys, the child can retell a popular Pippi story or make up their very own adventure! Play with the world’s strongest girl! It’s not a coincidence that Pippi is the favorite of so many children. Astrid Lindgren’s popular stories have entertained children for many years and Pippi is just as popular now as she’s ever been.

Dolls that bring happiness across many generations

Dolls are classic toys that fit both boys and girls of all ages – a doll often shares the love of parents and children alike. Collect all dolls from Pippi Longstockings world! Her monkey, Mr. Nilsson and her trusty horse Little Buddy are just of many dolls that you can add to your collection. There is a toy for everyone, and you’ll surely find the perfect gift for every occasion. Doll houses, Pippi clothes, Pippi’s hair and lots of dolls. The Astrid Lindgren company celebrates many years with the beloved Pippi brand and has spread joy and involved children all over the world. Astrid Lindgren created Pippi Longstocking in 1945 and Pippi continues to be of peak relevancy even today.