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Happy, playful children in a safe world

At Micki, we take the environment, sustainable development, and our social responsibility very seriously when developing our products. We have a strong commitment to organisations that make life better for the most vulnerable children in the world. So when you buy a product from us, you’re helping more children have a childhood that’s both safe and full of play.
When children are happy, their games often become noisy and wild. They need toys that can withstand the rough and tumble of play. Micki's robust toys will provide fun for years to come!

Toys made with care


We want you to feel confident that you’ve made a sustainable choice when buying one of our products. You can trust that all our toys are designed with both you and the future in mind.

We regularly have independent laboratories perform safety tests on our products. We also do our own, extra safety tests and scan our products to detect any harmful chemicals or heavy metals.




All our wooden toys have been manufactured from FSC-labelled wood since 2019. The FSC label guarantees that the wood in our products comes from sustainably managed forests.

All our products are free of prohibited phthalates and bisphenol. We’re gradually phasing out the use of PVC plastic in our toys and packaging by switching to other types of plastic or excluding plastic completely where it’s possible to do so without compromising on quality. In our dollhouses, for example, we’ve replaced plastic and copper wire in the walls with cardboard.



Everyone is equally valuable

Our vision is of happy, playful children living in a safe world. Since Micki was established, over 75 years ago, we’ve taken our social responsibility seriously and worked for everyone's equal value. 
Since 2007, Micki has been an important part of various projects with charities such as SOS Children's Villages, The World Childhood Foundation and Save the Children. 
We also donate our products to children's hospitals, including Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House in Stockholm in order to create playful environments for children in difficult situations. 
Since the mid-1980s, Micki has worked closely with government programs that help people with developmental disorders, autism, or other neuropsychiatric disabilities, or who have suffered permanent brain injuries, into work in Växjö Municipality, Sweden. About ten such people work with us in different areas every day. We see them as an integral part of our business and they enrich our lives. 
Part of our production takes place at our own factory in Gemla, Sweden. Other toys are manufactured exclusively by ICTI or BSCI certified suppliers in Asia. This ensures that the manufacturers of our products offer their employees decent working conditions, a good working environment, and reasonable wages. 

Read about what social projects we are involved in right now


When playtime’s over

We make sure that any electrical waste that’s produced during the recycling of our products is taken care of in the right way. We do this in collaboration with The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive). 
Our registration numbers for electrical waste: 
United Kingdom: # WEE / AU4474VE