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Arts and Craft

Arts and Craft
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Arts and craft for kids

With our arts and crafts for kids, they can create something completely their own for all occasions! Craft and play together - with our crafts for kids you will always find something that is fun for the whole family. Crafts are something that never gets old and lasts for generations. Invite the grandparents over and craft something that suits every occasion. Arts and crafts for kids promote creative thinking and put the child in a playful and imaginative way of thinking, from an early age. Crafting accompanies the entire development journey and can be a valuable tool for uniqueness and creative expression. There is nothing that stops the play with our arts and crafts for kids. Something that is consistent with all crafts for kids and other crafts is that there are no rules! The child decides for themself how they craft and that is what makes it something very special. Let children's imagination run free with these crafts - creativity can flow! What are you going to craft today?

Craft with Lundby’s doll house furniture

Craft with Lundby's furniture in untreated wood! Santa has sent a letter to the kids! He really wants to come and visit, but needs somewhere to live. Santa is tired and needs to rest before Christmas. Can you help him? Use the Lundby furniture in untreated wood and craft them together. Paint, draw, cut and paste! Craft a comfortable bed and a lovely dining area for Santa. What more could Santa want? Lots of arts and crafts for kids! Put the furniture out somewhere in your house, so that Santa knows that he is welcome to visit. When Santa's magic Santa's door appears, you know he's moved in!

Arts and craft for kids with our baking tins

Craft with our baking tins! Now you can bake cakes that look like Pippi, Mr. Nilsson, Little Buddy or Pippi's boot! These fun cake tins are suitable for baking gingerbread, playing with magic dough or why not fry an egg in a fun form? Fun baking tins that are suitable both for gingerbread baking and for playing with magic dough or other clay. With these metal baking tins, you can craft cakes that look like all the popular characters from the Babbles. When children chat, talk, sing and play, they simultaneously develop their own speech and language. Arts and craft suitable for all tiny chefs out there!

Arts and crafts with letters

Crafts for kids who want to learn how to spell! Does your child love letters and playing with words? With our alphabet letters in white painted wood, you can decorate the child's room or why not give away some friends' names as gifts? The cool thing about this letter set is that you can choose what your letters should look like, with the help of 10 included stickers in a variety of colors and patterns in Red, Pink, Green, Blue and Black. It also includes a set of stickers with 18 nice decorative figures for extra creativity. Use the remaining nine letter stickers to craft the child's school book, book, box or similar. Crafting with letters is a learning and playful experience that benefits logical thinking and creative playfulness!