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Come into Lundby's playful dollhouse world


In Lundby's world, children have the freedom to play in their way. They can use the dollhouse and dollhouse rooms individually or together to create their very own dollhouse that looks exactly as they want it. Perhaps they retell their own lives in play, or they fantasize about something completely different? In Lundby's world, it's the children who decide!


Micki babylek bultbräda

The Lundby dollhouse entices children to play, build, talk, and fantasize.

The Lundby dollhouse by Micki has everything one might need to create their world! The child can use the dollhouse and its small rooms together or separately to create a dollhouse that looks exactly as they want it. The child decides on their own, in Lundby's playful dollhouse world! For a child to decorate and create their own house, just as they want it, is a very fun and developmental play. Perhaps the child retells their own life in play - or fantasizes something entirely different!


It's easy to start playing with Lundby

When you buy a dollhouse from Lundby, you can start small with just one room, a furniture set, and a few dolls, and then let the dollhouse grow as the children's play evolves. The back walls of the dollhouse can be removed, allowing the dollhouse to be played with from two sides. This way, children can lift the dollhouse off the wall and play outdoors or in the middle of the room! 

Dollhouse play with Lundby is enjoyable for both young and old. Play together! Build and decorate as you wish with plenty of detailed dollhouse furniture, lighting, dolls, and other accessories from Lundby.


Psst! Did you know that Lundby is developed by Micki? Micki designs and develops all Lundby toys in Gemla, the heart of the Småland forests. Here, there is a long tradition of toy manufacturing that lives on in Lundby's toys.

"In my dream house, there will be ten bathtubs, ten showers, ten beds – ten of everything!" 

Aya, 5 years old

Play together!

Build your house and decorate it your way. Turn the back walls, and voila, you have new wallpapers in the dollhouse rooms. Or why not remove the walls completely and play in the dollhouse from two sides. Now, even more rooms are available for play around the dollhouse!


Playful details that children recognize

Lundby's accessories have everything children need to furnish a cozy home for their dollhouse dolls. The tiny kitchen with miniature utensils and plates. The little, little rubber duck waiting for someone to turn on the tap and crawl into the bathtub. The bed with a luxurious headboard and a comfortable blanket where the dolls can rest after a long day of adventurous play. 

All furniture, dollhouses, and other accessories from Lundby are designed in Sweden by Micki. The dollhouse furniture has many clever, little details that children can discover during play. Play and decorate the house together!

Dollhouse dolls that entice playful adventures


When children play with dolls, they fantasize about their own and others' lives. Who is the doll, who does it live with, and what does it like to do? Perhaps the doll is getting a sibling - how does that feel? Or maybe the doll is in love - with whom? 

Lundby's dollhouse dolls have many playful, little details that encourage children to play and create their own imaginative, exciting stories. Regardless of how the child lives and what the child's family looks like, they should be able to recognize themselves in play with the dolls and dollhouses from Lundby! 

Micki babylek bultbräda

Dollhouse play with room for everyone



Abundance of dollhouse accessories