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Pippi party:
fun, games & crafts with Pippi Longstocking

To play is our favourite thing! Another person who likes to have fun and play games is Pippi Longstocking. We've gathered fun Pippi crafts and Pippi games that you can play at your Pippi party or whenever you are feeling like you want to have fun!


Pippi party with dress up

Think, to be able to become Pippi Longstocking for real! How incredibly fun! Offer your party guest the oppurtunity to dress upp as Pippi or as one of her friends at the party. During the party, you can also do face painting with freckles. 

Don't forget to play Pippi music during the party!


every party needs goodies!

What type of food can you find at a Pippi party? Lemonade, pancakes, cake and lots of candy, of course! 

  • Make your own candy store by putting candy in nice glass jars! Give each child a golden coin from Pippi's suitcase and let them buy as much candy as they want!

  • Hide lemonade in a tree nearby. Let the children look for the lemonade tree. When they've found it, it's time to eat!

  • Offer cake or pancakes, just like Pippi does in the stories. 
Pippi pippi wig
Pippi pippi wig


€ 22.90

five fun games for the pippi party

don't touch the floor

Build an obstacle course, take what you can find such as rugs and chairs and hop around the room without touching the floor.


Pick an  object, hide it, and ask everyone to go and look for it. Bird, fish or in between? Where could it be!

The word game

There are many words that we haven't thought of yet. Make up your own word and let everybody guess what it means. Poof! Maybe you've just created a new word?

the backwards game

Is there a country where everyone walks backwards? How hard is it really? Does time also move backwards when you walk backwards? So much to find out in the world...

Treasure hunt

Hide Pippi's suitcase (could be a paper carton) somewhere in the house or in the garden. Fill it with "treasures" - it could be gold coins to buy candy at the party's candy store, chocolate coins or a party bag for each child. Make treasure maps and let everybody look for the treasure!

Pippi's best pancakes (4 people)


4 dl flour

8 dl milk

4 eggs

1/2 tsp salt
Butter or oil for frying


Whisk your milk little by little into the bucket so that it doesn't get clunky. When you get a smooth batter, whisk your eggs one by one into the batter and season with salt. Let the batter breathe for 30 minutes before you fry your pancakes.


Psst! You can make your pancakes super nice by frying them in one of our Pippi baking tins! We gurantee that they taste two times as good if you do!

pippi colouring pictures

Print out nice Pippi Longstocking pictures to colour. When colouring them, there are no rights or wrongs. Which colours do Pippi and her friends get today? It's supposed to be fun to paint and colour!

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