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Pippi clothes boots with printed laces and jersey ankles. Easy to put on and take off and have slip-protect sole.

Swedish Design PVC free CE

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Pippi Longstocking pippi wig
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€ 22.90

Here are Pippi's boots in a soft playtime version with lots of room for wriggling your toes. With printed laces and knitted cuffs they're really easy to put on and take off all by yourself. The non-slip soles let you jump around in play safely without slipping. Add to your boots by dressing up in things like Pippi clothes and a Pippi wig and turn into Pippi Longstocking for real!

Pippi toys are the perfect companions for your child to act out the Pippi Longstocking stories with or make up new ones! Browse our range of Pippi toys: soft Pippi dolls, Pippi figurines, Pippi houses, dress up clothes, puzzles and children's bags.

Play with the strongest girl in the world! It's no surprise that Pippi is a firm favourite with children. Astrid Lindgren's stories about Pippi Longstocking are still delighting children today and Ingrid Vang Nyman's classic illustrations bring them to life.

Article no.: 44379200
• Play age: 2+
• Material: Polyester
• Size: 250X90X140 mm One size
• Washing instructions: Machine wash 30°

Warning! Keep away from fire.

Play with the world's strongest girl! It’s no wonder Pippi is many kids’ favourite character. Astrid Lindgren's stories about Pippi Longstocking have entertained children for over 75 years, and are at least as relevant now as they’ve ever been. With our beautiful Pippi toys, your child can play, hunt for things thrown away, and go on quirky adventures with Pippi as their companion. At Micki, you’ll find the full range of Pippi toys, including Pippi dolls, Pippi doll's houses, costumes, puzzles, and children's bags. What's happening at Pippi's house today? There’s always something exciting going on at Pippi's Villa Villekulla! With our Pippi toys, your child can either retell one of the popular Pippi stories, or come up with their very own adventure! Micki designs and develops Pippi toys in close collaboration with Astrid Lindgren Company.

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