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Detailed toy model of a John Deere 8R 370 tractor for play or collection by tractor lovers young and old.

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The John Deere 8R 370 is a massive sight in the field and can also be used as a tractor on the road. Even as a 1:32 model, this high-horsepower tractor knows how to impress with its numerous details. For example, the front hitch can be removed and simply replaced with the front weight supplied. This offers even more play options in addition to the functions of the rear hitch. The tractor can be controlled via the steering wheel, and the cab can be easily removed. The front hood can be opened and reveals the powerful six-cylinder engine.

SIKU - SIKU has been producing high-quality toy models for over 70 years. Generations of parents have enjoyed these models and want their children to experience them, too. The sturdy construction, richness of detail and different life-like functions of each model make kids' eyes light up as much now as they did back then. 

German brand SIKU's toy cars have been pushed around children's bedrooms for generations. And for good reason. Children love creating stories with things they recognise from their own lives. Among SIKU’s range of toy cars and vehicles, you’ll find small scale models of real cars from all the most popular brands, as well as all the tractors, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, buses, and trains that your child can dream of. They’re just like the real thing, but adapted to young children's little hands! Bring the game to life with car parks, road signs, hay bales, or any other of the several accessories available for toy vehicles from SIKU.

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