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Children's puzzles

Children's puzzles
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Outlet pippi puzzle dual layer
Outlet pippi puzzle dual layer


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Puzzles for kids

Kids puzzles, games and fun activities exist in large numbers at mickiofsweden.com! We’ve got puzzles for kids of all ages, with everything from peg puzzles an easy travel games that your child can bring on long trips if the car ride is too long. Everything from kids puzzles and challenging games to memory games. A perfect activity for the whole family that guarantees hours of playfulness together.

Kids puzzles that encourage creative play

Children learn from playing and engaging in real-life situations through storytelling, imagination and emotional interaction with social instances.

Kids puzzles with Pippi Longstocking and her friends

Let the adventure begin! Pippi Longstockings kids puzzles are sure to bring fun surprises – and there is only one rule; that there are no rules! Puzzle together with Pippi and her Friends. Here, they host fun tea parties and Pippi always does things in her own way. The kids puzzles are assembled in its box, which helps the child get started. Pippi’s puzzles for kids are made of wood and include playful pieces in classic illustrations by Ingrid Vang Nyman. The feeling that you expect from Micki and the Astrid Lindgren Company is ever-present in our playful kids puzzles, which all base themselves around the popular stories by Astrid Lindgren and the classic illustrations by Ingrid Vang Nyman.

Puzzles for kids in popular stories

Our kids puzzles are not only meant to challenge the child in creative and logical ways but to inspire imaginative play and curiosity. Puzzles for kids with beautiful, playful and fun illustrations keep the child’s mind engaged while assembling the puzzle. A good kids puzzle has more than one purpose, and that is something we want to keep as a constant when developing all our products, and no less our kids puzzles. Whether it is Pippi Longstocking and her friends or somebody else, there is always room for a good story to be told with our puzzles for kids.

Kids puzzles in Swedish design

Classic puzzles for kids with Swedish design! From Micki, comes many popular toys that are a given in every child’s room; The baby walker, a sorting box with clever wooden blocks in different shapes and the pounding bench that invites for many hours of pounding are just a few of our many examples. Among them, are also our beautiful kids puzzles! Micki develops toys so that curious children will be tempted to use their hands, mouth and whole body to touch and feel when exploring our toys. At the same time, the child’s motor skills and logical thinking greatly develops. The toys encourage the little toddler to explore the world on their own terms! The toys uphold a very high quality and tempt to countless hours of playful joy!

Joyful play with our puzzles for kids

Kids puzzles and games for the entire family! A fun game or kids puzzles transforms any moment of play into a creative, developing moment for the child. Here at Micki, you’ll find a varied assortment of kids puzzles from lots of popular brands and characters, such as Pippi Longstocking. We have toys for kids of all ages, with everything from peg puzzles and fun travel games that work as well at home as it does on the road! Kids puzzles that work for every occasion, and serves as great fun for the whole family to spend some quality, playful time together!

Welcome to Micki's world of playful kids puzzles

We invite you in to explore a world of fun kids puzzles that never cease to amaze! We want to ensure activity for the whole family, that is as teaching as it is fun to play with. Kids puzzles from familiar brands with classic illustrations in great variety – what’s not to love? Welcome, to Micki’s wonderful world of playful kids puzzles!