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Doll prams & doll pushchairs

Doll prams & doll pushchairs
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Doll prams and other playful accessories

With doll prams, doll beds, bicycle seats, play tents, and other doll accessories, the fun with dolls never stops. Now, your child’s doll can look forward to all the next adventures! Let your child take their doll for a walk in their doll pram. We have a wide range of doll prams. A simple doll pram is easy to take on holiday, and our realistic premium prams have all the details that a real pram has. Your child can take their doll pram out while you push their little sibling in their real pram alongside them. Every doll needs a bicycle seat so they can come on a bike ride! Our dolls’ bicycle seats can be attached to either the back or the front of your child’s bike. Why not match a doll’s bicycle seat with their own dolls’ bicycle helmet, so you’re truly prepared for an exciting cycling adventure!

Doll pushchairs allow fun play at home

Back at home, your child can take their doll into their doll's play tent. And of course, to get a good night’s sleep, every doll needs a bed. Even the naughtiest of dolls need to rest every now and then! With a cozy bed and bed linen, your child can make sure their favorite doll is comfortable. Here at mickiofsweden.com, you’ll find beautiful, well-made doll pushchairs and other doll prams for dolls of all sizes. Whether you buy a doll pram for a fashion doll, talking doll, or soft doll, our beautiful doll accessories make playing with their very best friend so much more fun for your child. We have doll pushchairs for dolls from lots of well-known brands.

A wide assortment of doll prams

We have lots of doll prams in our assortment. A simple doll pram to bring on a trip, a bigger doll pushchair for a cozy walk or maybe a premium doll pram to spoil your favorite doll? The child can have fun with their doll pram on your family walks, while you drive the smaller sibling in their baby carriage. Doll prams promote active play and family time!

Adjustable doll prams in trendy designs

Every member of the family can go out and enjoy nature with our trendy doll prams! The doll pushchair is easy to drive thanks to the spinable front wheels. There are a lot of settings on our doll prams that fit both yours and the doll’s needs. For example, our premium doll pram can adjust its seat from laying down to sitting up with the press of a button – depending on if the doll wants to lie down and sleep or sit up and enjoy the surroundings. The doll pram is spacious, has a modern look, adjustable jumper, steady grip, foldable hood and a shopping basket. Flexible and trendy design with high quality for all our doll prams!

Doll prams for our beloved talking dolls

Talking dolls loved by generations! Imaginative doll play is always close by with Victoria and her friends. The talking doll’s playful nature and speaking ability make them very enjoyable playmates, that’ll happily follow along on any adventure in a doll pram! Together with the doll, children can host fun parties, become a hero in an exciting story, go treasure hunting in the garden and much, much more. Anything can happen, as long as Victoria is involved! There are lots of doll prams and other fun accessories that go well with the dolls. With them, the doll and the child are ready for any adventure that await them!

Welcome to Micki’s world of doll pushchairs & doll accessories

On mickiofsweden.com, you’ll find carefully crafted doll prams and other doll accessories that fit dolls in different shapes and sizes. Even if you purchase a doll pram for a fashion doll, a talking doll or a soft doll, our doll accessories make the play with dolls so much greater. We have fitting doll prams for dolls from tons of famous brands.